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Event that took place during the Shanghai World 2010 Expo. QR Code Treasure Hunt creation and admin system. Multilingual app for Apple and Adroid for Novomania's 2012 Fashion Tradeshow. Hutchinson, the big rubber manufacturer in asia. Peugeot, the second largest European carmaker. Novomania brings together the best of East and West at its famous biannual fashion trade show in Shanghai. A worldwide expertise in Mystery Shopping , Store Audit and Staff Development Well-established French sports event travel agency Stumbling Upon the Good Life: Food and travel blog

QP: Dynamic website developer and internet solutions

QPSoftware an innovative web design and web application development agency based in Shanghai, operating since 2007.

We offer web services including corporate, E-commerce websites, innovative marketing and Enterprise Resource Planning services (CRM, ERP), with adaptable content management system. We also design and develop web application for mobile devices (Iphone, Android).

We handle all aspects of our projects in-house. Each of our team member works in their dedicated area of expertise : web design, web development and digital marketing. We provide end-to-end digital strategy solutions as well as highly personalized services for each of our projects.

We began by helping local businesses with their web development needs. Over the years, our client-base has expanded to include large companies, including multinational corporations and enterprises (Hutchinson, Peugeot, Bosch, Novomania) .

Bespoke Digital Solutions

Before we start any project, we take the time to find out what makes your business tick and to get a thorough knowledge of your goals. We offer a bespoke approach, carefully tailored to match your needs.

You can be assured that we care about providing all the support you need, whenever you need it. Our commitment to after-sales customer service ensures that your website works efficiently, from its launch to its everyday use in the long run.

Do not hesitate, ask for a free estimate!

  • WeChat Vs WhatsApp: Battle of the chat apps An interesting infographic comparing Wechat and Whatsapp and an analysis of the these applications' digital strategies. Wechat is more used in China whereas Wahtsapp is more popular in the US. Wechat is better for brands because they can market on this platform but Whatsapp is more of a personal application. 08/27/2015 By admin
  • Case Study: International hospital in Shanghai - Sky Clinic

    At Qpsoftware we love new projects, cause every new project is a new challenge, a new challenge that allow us to express our vision and passion.

    Sky Clinic is an International hospital in Shanghai that offers a large set of...

    07/15/2015 By admin
  • SEO Evolution SEO trends are modified with an annual frequency, changing strategies implemented by the company. QPsoftware offers an infographic comparing the SEO in the early 2000s to today. The web has changed significantly in a very short time. Completed Lycos, Caramail Multimania ... and welcome to the virtual world of social networking 2.0 and 3.0 Facebook, Twitter, ... SEO has also changed...

    11/28/2013 By admin
  • 5 web sites with original web design #2 QPsoftware, Web design in Shanghai, undertakes to show you with a bimonthly rhythm, our top 5 websites with a concept and an original web design. For this second selection, discover the website Incredibox V3 created by Allan Durand , Paul Malburet and Romain Decambry. This concept was awarded at the FWA (Favourite Website Awards). It takes you explore the site designed for Amsterdam Dance...

    11/06/2013 By admin
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