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As it has already been said in some previous articles, there is no need to present you WeChat. According to the latest news this monstrous App will soon reach 900 million users.

In this week’s article, you will find some interesting key points about WeChat and more precisely some indications to help you to create and develop a viral post.

QPSoftware at CES Asia Shanghai 2017

Last week, from June 7th to 9th a big event happened in Shanghai. The CES Asia Shanghai 2017 was a great success. Company and people from around the gathered to participate to this exhibition.

Let’s try to give some highlights of what happened during these few days and summarize what we have learned in this interesting event.

Alibaba - Alipay in India

Alibaba - Alipay and Tencent – WeChat Pay have been already presented. There is no need to explain you what is the difference between both or even to tell you that they are competing in China but also on the international market.

They are starting to be present around the world, in Europe, in USA or even in some places is South-East Asia. But today, let’s have a look at the situation of Alibaba around the world.

Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

China is a huge market with many opportunities but these opportunities are only reachable if you can respect and adapt yourself to the Chinese market and more precisely to the Chinese people. If you are able to understand them and respect a few strategies, then you will have a much higher success rate.

An article has been already focused on how to attract Chinese male ebuyers but now we are going to focus more in general. 

WeChat App VS WeChat Mini Program

As it has already been said in some previous articles, there is no need to present you WeChat. According to the latest news this monstrous App will soon reach 900 million users.

The focus of this article will be comparison of Mini Program and WeChat APP. You are maybe not aware of these two things and how they are different but you will understand once you will have fully read the article.

WeChat Around The World

As it has already been said in some previous articles, there is no need to present you WeChat. According to the latest news this monstrous App will soon reach 900 million users.

Let’s try to explain the new trends, the strategy that Tencent - WeChat is applying to develop its power either in China or even abroad.

KOL – Live Web Steaming - Flash Sales

Before starting to write this article I would like to thank the people who helped to realize it. They shared with me their experience, knowledge, feedback… Thank you to Elijah Whaley, Marie, Thibault from and many other people.

Artificial Intelligence Saves a Boy's Life

We hear more and more sad stories every day and not all of them have a happy ending except that recent news we were able to witness.

This story links an abducted boy, technology – artificial intelligence – and his way to home. But first of all let’s explain you what is the artificial intelligence for the one who have never heard about it.

WeChat Pay in UK

In China the use of WeChat – WeChat Pay and Alibaba – Alipay are extremely common. They are part of the daily life. That’s been a few years that they are unavoidable. But this fact is only true for China. Both company are trying to reach other countries or even other continents.

Google's Services are Back in China

We all knew that Google was not available in China (except by bypassing the local censorship - by using a software or more commonly called a VPN).

But, it is starting to change… Indeed, since a few days, the Google Translate APP is from now on available in China and its users do not need to use a VPN to have access to it. Moreover, you can also use the lens of your camera (option from the APP) to instantly translate a text.

How to attract male online buyers in China

Following the previous article about Magento and the tips you have to adapt for your ecommerce in China, this topic will focus on how to attract male Chinese buyer through ecommerce.

What you may think or believe is that the shopping is a woman thing so maybe is also the ecommerce shopping. Let’s see if it is true and if we have to forget about this market segment.

Magento for China

In the world of web design and ecommerce platform Magento is not unknown. We do not really need to talk about it. We could say it is one of the biggest and powerful ecommerce platform in the market. If you need to develop a complex, totally customize and specific CMS (Customer Management System) for an ecommerce platform your choice will go definitely to the Magento solution.

CEGID - Loyalty Rewards APP

Loyalty Reward APP

What I have always heard from my studies and my diverse experiences around the world is “Attracting new customers is (around) five times more expensive than keeping the existing ones”. Seen like this it can be a bit excessive… but do you really think so?

WeChat Mini Program - All you need to know

Before starting to talk about the term “Mini Program”, we have to know where it is from. We do not need to go too far. Indeed, the company behind this project is Tencent. As we know, it is a Chinese internet giant where is main focus is on mobile applications (mobile apps) and its most famous app is WeChat. Since we have been in China we all know it. To summarize, it is a chat app and it has almost reached 850 million monthly users.

ICP license - The basics

China is at the moment the second biggest economy in the world. Moreover, this country is more and more open for the foreign companies and it is clear that the Western market is not increasing as much as the Chinese market.

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